Grants/Research contracts
Silviu G. Totelecan, PhD

Coordinator of:

2009-2015, Markets as Networks: Categories, Mechanisms, Typologies (financed by Romanian Academy).

2011, Rurban Places in Europe - starting a comparative study (grant IZK0Z1_133980, financed by Swiss National Science Foundation).

2009-2010, Local vs. Global in Eastern Europe. Post-communism and postmodernism in the Romanian space (financed by Romanian Academy).

2008-2009, Ambivalences of the socio-cultural processes within the Romanian 2nd modernity (financed by Romanian Academy).

2006-2007, Life-strategies (individual and collective) in post-communism. Empirical evidences from Transylvania (financed by Romanian Academy).

2004-2005, The community between local and global (financed by Romanian Academy).

2002-2003, Identity transformations and attitudes concerning social change in Transylvanian rural space (financed by Romanian Academy).

2001, Gender-Disaggregated Data for Central and Eastern European Countries (financed by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO-UN).

Member of:

2008-2010, Regional Consultative Group of the international grant "New Sources of Employment to Promote the Wealth-Generating Capacity of Rural Communities", (funded under Seventh Framework Programme of EU, research area KBBE-2007-1-4-13 "New Sources of Employment in Rural Areas", grant no. 211605, coordinators: Debrecen University, Plymouth University, Lietuvos Zemes Ukio Universitetas, Institute of Agricultural Economics, Consejeria de Agricultura y Pesca - Junta de Andalucia, Conseil Regional de Limousin, Istituto Nazionale Istruzione Professionale Agricola, "Babes-Bolyai" University).

2006, The production of the urban space. Social inequalities' visualization and representation with the help of digital and mental maps (financed by the Romanian Minister of Education and Research, CNCSIS code 1364, topic 19, coord. Assoc. Prof. dr. Rudolf Poledna, BBU).

2004, EU COST Action E39 "Forests, trees and human health and wellbeing" (financed by EU, European Science Foundation) (associate international expert).

2004, Housing inequalities in post-socialist cities. Villas' Neighborhoods in Cluj-Napoca (financed by the Romanian Minister of Education and Research, CNCSIS code 392, topic no. 39, contract no. 33374/29.06.2004, coord. Assoc. Prof. dr. Rudolf Poledna, BBU).

2000-2002, Paradigmatic alternatives of Romanian sociology between the Wars (financed by Romanian Academy).

1999, Wohnungsmarkttransformation, räumliche Mobilität und räumlich-soziale Segregation in rumänischen Städten: Fallbeispiel Cluj-Napoca/Klausenburg - Rumänien (financed by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, coord. Prof. dr. Hans-Joachim Bürkner).

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